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A group of Belfast republicans said
“What they ought to do
Was to found an Irish Republican Club in 1962”

The first meeting that they held
Was in a members home,
And hoped that in future
They would have a place of their very own.

Our meetings they were weekly
And well attended too.
And with the constitution we did have,
Our numbers gradually grew.

We propagated our country’s culture
And the history of its past.
And decided, this would be our programme
As long as we should last.

We supported the Republican Movement,
All along the way.
And when the Officials caused a split
With them we did not stay.

They were forming groups of Republican Clubs
And so not to be confused,
We decided that we’d change our name
In case it was abused.

So Roddy McCorley Society
It was the name we took.
In the memory of a Republican
That no one could rebuke.

We carried on with our good work
Until the troubles came.
And soon we knew, the time had come
To play a different game.

Our members they were Staunch and True
As at the barricades we stood,
Protecting the district we lived in
And all our neighbours brood.

Then “Operation Motorman”
Happened one certain day,
And many of our members
From us were snatched away.
Those who were not taken,
On the run they had to go,
So the Society of the Roddy’s
Was forced to lie down low.

But then there was a reawakening in 1972
When some members got together
From the ranks of the original few.

New members were invited
And told what we did expect
That loyalty to the Republican cause
Must be perfect and correct.

So this is the story of our society
And its founders we salute
As the men who had the vision
To form a society of such repute.

F Mc Laverty